History of the department

Department of Therapeutic Dentistry

Address: Chekhov str., 3, Ternopil 46003

Tel.: (0352) 25-98-02


The Head of the Department - Professor Luchynsky M.A.

The staff of the Department

At present at the Department work: professor (Head of the Department) and assistant professors Chorniy N.V., Zaliznyak М.S., Boytsanyuk S.І., Palasyuk B.О., Patskan L.О., Manashchuk N.V., Pogoretska H.V., Suckhovolets I.O., Tsvyntarna I.Ya., Shchutska H.V., Yavorska-Skrabut І.М., Holovetska Z.S., Levkiv M.O., Lyashchynska N.M., Fedorovych O.A.. To provide training, educational, scientific and medical processes of the department 7 rates of laboratory assistants were created.

The staff of the Department

History of the Department

The date of the department foundation one can consider January 2006, when the 2nd year students of the Dental Faculty started to study dental disciplines, such asPropaedeutics of Therapeutic Dentistry, Pediatric and Prosthetic Dentistry. At that time the Department of Dentistry was headed by MD, Professor Cherkashyn S.I..


The teaching staff: MD Colba O.O., assistant professor Boytsanyuk S.I. – Propaedeutics of Therapeutic Dentistry, MD Avdeyev O.V. - Propaedeutics of Pediatric Dentistry,MD Okonsky E.I. - Propaedeutics of Prosthetic Dentistry.

The Department of Dentistry at that time was located in Ruska St, 12.


The 2d year students during the Propaedeutics of Therapeutic Dentistry practical class.


In September 2006, the Department of Dentistry was reorganized and three specialized departments were created: Propaedeutics of Dental Disciplines (Head of the Department Professor Stephan I. Cherkashyn), Department of Therapeutic and Pediatric Dentistry (Head of the Department - Associate Professor O.V. Avdeyev,and since July 2010 - MD, Associate Professor Hevkalyuk N.O.). The Department of Surgical and Prosthetic Dentistry (Head of the Department - Associate Professor -Yaroslav P. Nahirny). Medical Diagnostic Center in Chehov St., 7 was the basis of the Faculty of Dentistry.

To improve the quality of teaching and the unification of learning methods of the dental students, to improve the educational and methodological, research and medical care according to the Rector's order № 525 since February 30, 2010, the Department of Therapeutic and Pediatric Dentistry was reorganized into two departments: the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry and the Department of Pediatric Dentistry. The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry was headed by MD, Assistant Professor M.A. Luchynsky. Educational building №3 in Chekhov St. was the basis of the Department.

According to the approved "Concept of I. Ya. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University "Z-system of training, practical skills, objective structured clinical exam,communication skills were introduced at the Department. All these allow to train better qualified specialist in comparison with the traditional system of training.

An important step in training is practical skills. It includes all necessary skills according to the educational and qualification characteristics of the graduate and is required forstudent mastering during the academic year. To acquire practical skills students are provided with all modern conveniences.


Medical and Diagnostic Center

During the practical classes students acquire the broad knowledge of the basic dental sciences and the ability to practically apply this knowledge directly into the work in clinics.

Dentist should not only be able to provide highly qualified dental care, but also should know the norms of medical ethics and medical deontology, the basics ofcommunication with patients, to maintain the sanitation regime, to be perfectly oriented in the organizational features of different health care institutions, to be able to conductsanitary - educational work.


This can be achieved only through the direct participation in the work of all sections of the dental service.


Students are given an opportunity to examine patients, to diagnose and to decide the treatment plan. Treatment manipulations one performs after the doctor’s consulting andexplanation of the treatment choice.


Students of the Dental Faculty participate in academic conferences, including annual International conferences of students and young scientists in Ternopil and Poltava and in the nationwide dental conferences.

In 2008, students participated in the 11th International Conference of students and young scientists. The student Andriy Shevchuk participated in the international competition "Expert 20014", which was held at Lviv National Medical University and have got an honorable second place; the student Skrypnyk Vitaliy took part in theinternational competition "Expert 2015" also have got the second place.

The student Hryzhuk Khrystyna made an educational movie about the structure and examination of temporomandibular joints. Students Kozyr I.R. and Skakun K.L. received a scholarship of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministry for excellent learning and active research work; the student Harasymiv O.I. received M.S.Hrushevsky academic scholarship.



Therapeutic Dentistry Department is the leader in study of the major dental diseases, such as dental caries, complications of dental caries process, non-carious lesions, periodontal and oral cavity diseases which are studied at the 2d-5th courses of the Dental Faculty. The following subjects are taught at the Department: Propaedeutics of Therapeutic Dentistry, Therapeutic Dentistry – the course of odontology, periodontal diseases, mucous membrane diseases.

The Department is provided with a training classes and clinical rooms, equipped according to the modern requirements.


Students study etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases and diseases of the oral cavity.

Clinical work

The base of the Department is the consultative and medical center of Ternopil State Medical University (Chekhov St., 3), where the assistant professors of the Department provide treatment and consulting of the population and together with students make examination and provide medical care.

Consulting and medical activity among the population of Ternopil region is provided by the staff of the Department. They also have scheduled visits to the regions. Modern methods of dental caries treatment and its complications, diseases of mucous membrane and periodontium, modern filling materials, means and methods of endogenous and exogenous prevention of dental caries are implemented by the staff of the Department.

Department History.

Department history begins in January 2006, when the dentistry department was created in academic building on Ruska St,12. Propaedeutics of Therapeutic dentistry was taught by PhD Kolba O.O. and assistant S.I. Boytsanyuk.

In September 2006, the department of dentistry was reformed and formed three specialized departments: propaedeutics of dental disciplines (Head of department Professor Stepan I. Cherkashyn) Therapeutic and Pediatric Dentistry (Head of department Associate Professor Alexander V. Avdeev, and from July 2010 Ph.D. Associate Professor Hevkalyuk Natalya O.) Surgical and Prosthetic Dentistry (Head of Department Associate Nagirnyy Yaroslav P.). The study-base for the Faculty of Dentistry became Medical - Diagnostic Center on Street Chekhov, 7.

To improve the quality of teaching and unification of training methods for students - dentists, improving of teaching, research and medical care according to Rector's order № 525 of January 30, 2010, Department of Therapeutic and Pediatric Dentistry were reorganized into two departments: Department of Therapeutic Dentistry and Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Department of Therapeutic Dentistry with a Head of department Ph.D., Assoc. Luchynskyy M.A. The study-base of the department is the first floor of the academic building on the St. Chekhov 3.